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So the nuts and bolts of this post talks about how one of the driving schools in Chorley called Bob Medley School of Motoring has gone from a single independent instructor to now started to put a model in place whereby they are now looking expanding and are now starting to recruit other driving instructors in Chorley for their driving school.

Bob who is the owner operator of Bob Medley School of Motoring in Choerley is a fairly new driving school in Chorley and has been operating only for a couple of years. Bob contacted us and asked us if we could review her website and give hime our thoughts, and if possible, also look for a strategy to implement whereby he could capitalise more on her offerings of driving lessons in Chorely.

So, our first steps was to review her current website and see what he was offering, how much, who to and look at where his strengths lie and where there where opportunities in any of her weaknesses from a business offering perspective.

We first looked at his website from a customers point of view. Although he had many pages, we noticed that there was very little content on any of these pages. We then looked at his pricing structure and also what her competitors was also offering. This was so we could get a good idea of where he was positioned in the market. Our analysis identified areas of opportunities where he could leverage a better presence in the market.

We done a analysis on her positioning on all of the major search engines, especially Google. We found his website positioned on page 4 on Google. During our analysis we used a tool called MOZ, now MOZ is great and is probably the industry standard for checking the positioning of a website coupled with a whole host of other things.

Other area we identified where we thought could be improved was his offering to the public. Bob initially decided that when he first launched that he would just market locally and offer his services to males and also look to take on a female driving instructor to offer a female driving instructors in Andover and have female instructors to work alongside him.

Over a course of a few business meetings with Bob, we mentioned that this isn’t restricting his growth rate and if he ever wanted to expand then this won’t hold him back. So, after pointing out the positive in this, Bob eventually agreed that he would offer driving lessons to both male and female pupils on a larger scale and into different areas of Lancashire. By adopting this approach, it gave Bob Medley School of Motoring opportunity to reach out to twice the market audience and have a much larger audience.

Bob implemented this strategy immediately and the outcome was so unexpected, it was beyond belief for him. He found that he had twice as many calls from perspective clients than before. This also led Bob taking on a new franchisee immediately to help him cope with the demand of his services for driving lessons in Blackburn.

All in all, it took us about 2 weeks to come up with a long term strategy for Bob Medley School of Motoring we rolled out a new plan for his school and already he has given us positive feedback. We are glad to see that we have managed to double a driving schools income with our strategies – we would like to share these with you and who knows, one day we might.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Blog.

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