Nike trainers or a pair of Dunlop’s

Nike trainer’s – How do you decide which Nike trainers you want? What makes you buy a certain pair of Nike trainers? What is the process that goes in to make Nike trainers? How much thought do you give when you actually put those Nike trainers on and are you getting value for money? What makes you chose a brand?

The same thought process goes into the decisions when looking for a driver trainer. For example, which trainer do I choose? How much do I pay for the training? How long will the training last? These are all both conscious and unconscious decisions we make.

We will talk about lots of different things such as the psychological behaviour patterns involved in the decision making and learning process but from both a driver trainer and a learner point of view. We have a great interview with Amanda who is one the best driving schools in Rochester. Amanda is always busy and gets  really booked up with driving lessons in Rochester and Medway, everybody locally wants to learn to drive with a driving school like https://www.dcjdrivertraining.co.uk  – We’ll also be looking at the theory behind driver thinking and the way driving instructors start up and run their businesses. You will also find real life case studies where we have interviewed driving instructors such as Alex from Hexagram Driving School who is one of the best Driving Schools in Leicester

We have a classic case study from Shaun’s Driving School in Andover who has studied the psychological process people go through when they have a choice and what driving instructor they are likely to chose when searching fro driving lessons.

As you work your way around our site, you’ll discover various pages that will hopefully help you to understand the power of decision making and what or how this is done. You will also see various topics which cover the psychomotor and cognitive thinking and we also talk about learning styles such as the VARK model. This model is a brief formula on how people best learn. Some people learn better through visual learning, whilst other learn better from either audible, read and write or kinaesthetic learning. All of these four models are discussed here.

Being a trainer or coach, you have to have a very good understanding of all of these four learning styles and you quickly have to work out which learning style suits your client. If you get this wrong, then regardless of what field you’re coaching in, it maybe coaching a driving instructor, or perhaps coaching a sports person, you can guarantee that the learning process will take longer and it will take longer for your client to reach your goal and therefore, maybe costing the client more in the long run. You can find out more about coaching here.

This brings me back to my very first opening paragraph, choosing a pair of Nike trainers is like choosing a coach. You need to get the right pair and they need to do the job. You don’t mind paying that bit more but only if they can get you to where you want to be.