Moving from a franchise

I came across a driving instructor last week by chance while I was queuing in a well known restaurant chain. Anyway, cutting to the chase the driving instructor was working for two different driving schools. When I asked why, his reply was to make ends meet. He was in the throws of setting up his very own driving school called Progress Driving School which is located in Cannock.

The other driving school where he was working as a franchisee was also operating in the Cannock area. I asked him why he wanted to leave his existing franchise? His reply was all too common which I’ve heard before and that was because his dream was to get his very own driving school. I asked him why? He replied, because I wanted to prove to myself that I could make it in business and have my very own business. This would make me feel proud he said.

I completely understood what he said and what he meant. I was in exactly the same position with the same dreams and ambitions at one stage in my own life. Anyway, he went on to say that he just couldn’t quit at his current franchise as he would have very few clients. So, the best way he thought of doing this was to juggle both of the driving schools together up until his own driving school became top heavy with enquiries and clients.

I get this and I admired his business sense as there is lots of risk by just quitting one job and expecting the phone to ring for his new business. I liked his strategy and his way of thinking. It made absolute sense. I suppose that there are many driving instructors that have used this type of model and I imagine that there are many a driving school out there that are now successful but have only managed to get there by using the same sort of business model and thought process.

The funny thing about this whole situation was that during our conversation, both of his mobile phones went off at exactly the same time. He said, oh, that’s bloody typical. I had to laugh as the chances of my encounter and witnessing this was one in a million.

Anyway, I wished him the best of luck with his new venture.

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