Just saying “Hello”

Hi there, hanks for stopping by on my Blog. When you first start reading my pages you may feel slightly confused. In the first few sentences on my home page I start to talk about trainers, trainers as in footwear such as Nike.

Then as you read further down the page, you’ll notice my conversation flows into talking about driver trainers. I apologise for any confusion this may cause. The main purpose of the site is to give you my own thoughts and experience about the driver training industry.

When you read lines with the words coaching in, I am referring to coaching for driver training and development. I use a couple of real-world scenarios and case studies from real customers and clients such as Get Your Own Driving School and talk to driving instructors such as Shaun from Shaun’s Driving School from Andover, Hampshire.

One of my first Blogs will be about how a driving school gets established, here I’ll be blogging about Piers from 360 Driver Training in Leicester. Make sure that you catch my Blog that’s coming in December. I’ve got a special article about Amanda who provides driving lessons in Rochester with her highly recommended driving school DCJ Driver Training, renowned as one of the best driving instructors in Rochester https://www.dcjdrivertraining.co.uk

I hope you enjoy my Blogs and I would really appreciate it if you popped back every now and then just for a quick catch up and a bit of a nose around. Please feel free to say hello.

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