Get Your Own Driving School

What is our alternative franchise?

Get Your Own Driving School is a business package that is specifically tailored for Driving Instructors who want to break away from their existing franchise and set up their own business. It is also ideal for newly qualified Driving Instructors who are new to the industry and want to set up their own Driving School business without entering into a franchise. Driving schools in swansea is an example of this.

We give you the perfect opportunity to set up and run your own business exactly the way you want to run your business without paying any hefty franchise fees. If you were to take out a franchise with any of the big 6 Driving Schools in the UK you would probably be paying in excess of £150 a week upwards. How can you possibly earn a living when you have to pay these sorts of franchise fees? Not only that, you would have to use their logo etc.

By working closely with “I Want My Own Driving School” you will get expert advice, support and the backing of a company that has over 21 years experience across the entire Driving Instructor industry.

We have successfully helped to set up numerous driving schools in their preferred chosen location and teaching areas such as Superdrive Academy who’s one of the local driving schools in Andover..

Please see our “Start Your Own Business” page for information on how we do this for you.

Start Your Own Business

Because we have over 21 years experience within the Driving School industry, we can definitely say we have been around the block a few times. We have successfully helped to build companies from scratch, this has been from a small independent Driving School right up to helping Driving Instructors turn their businesses into become Training Providers. Some of whom are going onto become ORDIT accredited.

We know how frustrating and crippling it can be to be stuck into a franchise, also we know how hard and time consuming it can be to set up your own business and get yourself established. This is why we don’t want to offer you a franchise. Instead you will be receiving a “Full Support Business Package” from us that will help to build your very own Driving School business.

So, instead of paying a big national company a big franchise fee and having to use their brand, we will be helping and supporting you to build your very own business with your own brand etc.

You will be dealing directly with us, so just as it is important for you to succeed it’s also as equally important to us that you do succeed. So you can be safe in the knowledge that we will be doing everything we can to make your business a success as quickly as possible.

How we do it

First of all, we just want to clear a few things up. Unlike a franchise with one of the big national schools, there are no hidden fees, no pupil charges, no up-front payments or no fees if you want to cancel.

By using our support package, you are not paying to use another companies logo, admin team, advertising and marketing team and company directors, but you are making an investment into your own business.

By using our “I Want My Own Driving School” package this is what you get.


  • Help and advice on starting your own Driving School
  • Business mentoring
  • Strategies on how to increase your pupil numbers
  • Advice on teaching techniques, teaching aids and apps
  • Advice on Driving School insurance
  • Advice on accounting
  • Support throughout the whole life of your subscription


  • Your very own website designed for you
  • Your own business domain name
  • Your own business email address
  • Website hosting
  • Facebook business page linked to your website
  • Branded business cards showing you and your company
  • A roof top box with your company name
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Google Adwords assistance or management

It truly is one of the best business and suppport packages around.