Driving Schools in Romford

If you’re looking for driving instructor coaching then Rob Gould Driver Training in Romford has got to be one of your first choices. This is not just for people who live in Romford as Rob also covers the surrounding towns of Romford such as Rainham , Upminster, Hornchurch and Collier Row.

Rob has been a driving instructor for over 9 years or so now and has a vast amount of experience within the driving instructor industry. His pass rate is phenomenal and second to none. He is well respected throughout the driving instructor industry, not just in Romford but throughout the UK.

As I know Rob, he had actively improved his knowledge and has always looked to keep up to date with the moving times within the driving instructor industry. So much so that Rob voluntarily puts himself on courses to ensure his skills and knowledge are kept up to date.

Rob has now a very good skill set and can offer you a whole host of different types of training – these range from learner drivers, coaching courses and even driving instructor training too.

I’ve spoken with Rob on a few occasions and I couldn’t help but to be impressed by his knowledge about all things driver training and instructing. Now, I know a thing or too about the industry but I’m sure I could learn a thing or two from Rob.

By coincidence, I built Rob his website and just going through some of his passed pictures of pupils who had passed their driving test with Rob Gould Driver Training was impressive. One of the best things about Rob is that he’s not modest in any way at all. He doesn’t come across as Charlie big potatoes and throws his knowledge down your throat. In fact, he’s quite the opposite.

Sometimes as driving instructors we ask ourselves if I had a son or daughter and I was looking for someone to teach them how to drive, then would I let x, y or z teach them. Well, I can honestly say that I would have no hesitation in letting Rob teach any member of my family.

Rob is a credit to the driving instructor industry and a very nice chap.