Driving Schools in Leicester

The best driving schools in Leicester

Hexagram Driving School is literally one of the best Driving Schools in Leicester. We know how popular Hexagram is so if you’re looking for excellent tuition from one of the best driving instructors in Leicester then make sure you give Alex a call at Hexagram.

Hexagram will walk you through a set syllabus for learning to drive you will be ready for your driving test in no time. Obviously, you’ve got to take your theory test first before you can even apply to take a driving test.

Hexagram are truly experts can absolutely really help you get your driving license with the minimum amount of fuss or delay.

There’s tough competition amongst driving instructors in Leicester and the driving school industry. But Hexagram has stood the test of time and has been an industry leader within driving tuition for many years.

Hexagram Driving School also offer intensive driving courses, pass plus lessons, motorway lessons, refresher lessons and advanced driving courses too. We also have a policy and if you don’t like Hexagram then we will even try to arrange a transfer to a different driving schools in Leicester – We know, how bonkers is that? But that shows you how confident we are in providing learner drivers with a good quality service. At Hexagram, we know that we are one of the best driving schools in Leicester so we can make this guarantee.

Our driving instructors in Leicester based at Hexagram all go through CPD on a yearly basis. CPD means Continued Professional Development so you know that our instructors are kept up to standard with their own training and knowledge and the ever changing laws.

You can also reach the website of Hexagram Driving School either here or from the link on our home page.