Driving Schools in Andover

Shaun who is the owner operator of Shaun’s Driving School in Andover, Hampshire was a newly qualified driving instructor and was also based in Andover. Shaun wanted us to come up with a concept whereby he could incorporate his name into his business.

It wasn’t hard for us to come up with the name of Shaun’s Driving School in Andover for obvious resons. We thought this would make perfect sense and also gave us great ideas for his branding.

Shaun didn’t have anything to start his new business with, except his car and obviously his will and determination. We gave Shaun a driving school and development pack which included how to market her business and outlined what level of support he would receive from us depending on what support and development package he wanted.

Shaun opted for our Option 2 support and development pack. This covered his requirements – It covered his branding, website and email coupled with hosting, artwork and logo design, roof top box, SEO and FB optimisation and also advertising and marketing campaigns. Also included was the very popular ADI dairy and accounts management tool called My Drive Time (MyDriveTime). You can read more about our Option 2 package here

We got Shaun up and running within two weeks of him first making contact with us and already he had enough pupils wanting to learn to drive in Andover to pull in a decent salary for himself. Not bad going in just under two weeks.

As well as creating and designing Shaun’s branding and giving him the necessary tools to run a successful independent driving school, he also has the piece of mind that he can call us at anytime for any support he may need.

Whether it’s a simple question or whether it’s an update to his website or running a marketing campaign for him. I still don’t think Shaun can believe that he has so much support and help when ever he needs it for such an incredible price. He keeps joking with us saying the we’re missing a zero of our price, instead of paying £45 per month he thinks we should be charging him £450, but we are very fair with our pricing structure and like to think we give great value for service as a very affordable cost. You can visit his website here