Driving Schools in Hampshire

One of the top driving schools in Hampshire in our opinion is Superdrive Academy in Andover, Hampshire. Superdrive Academy have been going for almost thirty years at the time of writing this article. They started as a one-man-band and have grown to a fleet of vehicles covering Hampshire and have also expanded to Wiltshire.

The business started out by just teaching learner drivers and get them up to a safe standard and ready for their driving test. Shaun who is the owner operator of Superdrive Academy stayed as a sole trader for many years but then one day decided to train up driving instructors and get them working on a franchise basis.

Working on a franchise is not for every driving instructor, however, it is for some instructors. Especially if that instructor doesn’t want the headache of marketing their business themselves and everything else that goes with running a small business.

Nowadays, it’s very hard for a business like a driving school to get a high profile without having an online presence such as Facebook. Even having a website nowadays is an essential tool to have in your toolkit as part of your marketing strategy. Social media is a key part to running a business these days especially for a driving school in Andover such as Superdrive Academy who are responsible for feeding a team of driving instructors.

Shaun told us that for anyone who is looking to enter a new market such as driving instructor training, unless they are properly prepared and organised, then it can swallow you up if you’re not careful. Running and operating a small driving school can be very different to running a big fleet of instructors. Each instructor will have different needs. For example, some instructors will only want to work on certain days and some instructors will want to work certain hours, it could even be a combination of both.

Then there’s the whole marketing thing, you have to do enough marketing to feed all of your instructors. This of course takes a budget so you have to plan and continually plan for this.

Training up your own instructors is the easiest way to grow and expand your business. It’s not the quickest, but probably the best way. To read more information about what franchise deals Superdrive Academy offer, just simply follow this link Superdrive Academy driving instructor training.