Driving Schools in Salisbury

Driving Schools in Salisbury

Salisbury is a a city located in Wiltshire and is one of the best medieval cathedral cities in the southern English county. It’s a perfect place to learn to drive and give driving lessons. It’s also steeped in history and has about 9 miles south of the remarkable prehistoric stone circle at Stonehenge, which is placed at the grassland of Salisbury Plain. The citiese 13th-century cathedral has a 123m spire, a fully functional 14th-century clock and an original copy of the Magna Carta (the Great Charter), a key document from 1215 A.D.  No other city can boast this type of history. The city as a whole is remarkable and has beautiful landmark objects and great scenery that would make you awe in amazement. In this article, we would be discussing top tips to help you successfully pass your driving lessons in Salisbury and also we would be discussing a bit about driving schools in Salisbury.

About Superdrive Academy

Superdrive Academy is one that is dedicated and committed to giving quality driving lessons to people who want to learn driving in Salisbury. We have both male and female driving instructors in Salisbury and all of the driving instructors in Salisbury are very professional and all have very high pass rates too. They pride themselves in having the best professional driving instructors in Salisbury and their pass rate is a great reflection of this. If you’re looking for intensive driving courses in Salisbury or just want weekly driving lessons, they can provide you with driving lessons in Salisbury that will suit your convenience and your budget too. I almost forgot to mention that there is a money back guarantee!!! Well as crazy as it sounds it is true, they would give you payment back on driving lessons in Salisbury should the case be that you’re are not happy with any of the the driving lessons you’ve received.

Tips To Help You Pass Your Driving Test

The thing about taking driving classes is that they sometimes take longer than anticipated. That’s a major reason why it’s key for you to find a driving school that gives the best driving lessons. We would be sharing tips on how you can pass your driving test without having to spend donkey years learning how to drive.

Tip 1 – Choose the right instructor for you. Carry out aittle research by asking your friends or family which driving instructor they used and their opinions on a particular driving instructor. Now that’s fairly local to you in Salisbury, so don’t just make a decision on price alone.

Tip 2 – make sure you get value for money. Ensure that you don’t choose one of the driving schools in Salisbury that does “piggybacking”. This is a situation where at the end of your lesson your instructor picks up their next pupil towards the end of your lesson. Remember, it’s your time that your paying for so you want to get your full monies worth.

Tip 3 – Be consistent. The consistent you are at having driving lessons then the quicker you would learn. However, if you leave your driving lessons for weeks apart then you may find that you’ve forgotten some of the information from your previous lessons. Having lessons weekly would make you realise that you’re more than likely to make steady progress. So you could even consider having two lessons per week and therefore halving the amount of time it would take to reach test standard if you were to do just one lesson per week.
Another viable option  for you would be to consider doing two-hour lessons or perhaps even an intensive driving course. An intensive driving course is not for everybody so maybe speaks with your driving instructor first before committing to taking one.

Tip 4 – Get some private practice. Getting private practice is a very good idea but is not always available to everybody. However, if you have the opportunity to go out with your parents or other relatives or even a friend then we recommend this as a good option to help you to reach the driving test standard quicker. Obviously, there are laws to going out driving with somebody other than a driving instructor such as car insurance and no motorway driving so speak with your driving instructor first. They will probably also give you some advice on what and where to practice.

Tip 5 – Study using the right resources. Learning to drive is not just about jumping in a car and making it move, there’s a lot more to driving than this. Like any skill, it can takes time to master and to also  become confident. That’s why we recommend training materials such as books, apps and even videos on YouTube. Obviously, before you can take your driving test you first have to study and pass the theory test.

Final Verdict

From our research, we know that the theory tests have a reasonably low pass rate however, you can improve your chances of passing first time by using the correct resources. In order to drive safely and not become a liability to other road users, understanding the rules of the road and the correct driving best practices is important for safe driving as this will put you in good stead to help you pass your driving test first time. At Superdrive Academy they have a lot of resources to help you with all of this.

Driving Schools in Chorley

So the nuts and bolts of this post talks about how one of the driving schools in Chorley called Bob Medley School of Motoring has gone from a single independent instructor to now started to put a model in place whereby they are now looking expanding and are now starting to recruit other driving instructors in Chorley for their driving school.

Bob who is the owner operator of Bob Medley School of Motoring in Choerley is a fairly new driving school in Chorley and has been operating only for a couple of years. Bob contacted us and asked us if we could review her website and give hime our thoughts, and if possible, also look for a strategy to implement whereby he could capitalise more on her offerings of driving lessons in Chorely.

So, our first steps was to review her current website and see what he was offering, how much, who to and look at where his strengths lie and where there where opportunities in any of her weaknesses from a business offering perspective.

We first looked at his website from a customers point of view. Although he had many pages, we noticed that there was very little content on any of these pages. We then looked at his pricing structure and also what her competitors was also offering. This was so we could get a good idea of where he was positioned in the market. Our analysis identified areas of opportunities where he could leverage a better presence in the market.

We done a analysis on her positioning on all of the major search engines, especially Google. We found his website positioned on page 4 on Google. During our analysis we used a tool called MOZ, now MOZ is great and is probably the industry standard for checking the positioning of a website coupled with a whole host of other things.

Other area we identified where we thought could be improved was his offering to the public. Bob initially decided that when he first launched that he would just market locally and offer his services to males and also look to take on a female driving instructor to offer a female driving instructors in Andover and have female instructors to work alongside him.

Over a course of a few business meetings with Bob, we mentioned that this isn’t restricting his growth rate and if he ever wanted to expand then this won’t hold him back. So, after pointing out the positive in this, Bob eventually agreed that he would offer driving lessons to both male and female pupils on a larger scale and into different areas of Lancashire. By adopting this approach, it gave Bob Medley School of Motoring opportunity to reach out to twice the market audience and have a much larger audience.

Bob implemented this strategy immediately and the outcome was so unexpected, it was beyond belief for him. He found that he had twice as many calls from perspective clients than before. This also led Bob taking on a new franchisee immediately to help him cope with the demand of his services for driving lessons in Blackburn.

All in all, it took us about 2 weeks to come up with a long term strategy for Bob Medley School of Motoring we rolled out a new plan for his school and already he has given us positive feedback. We are glad to see that we have managed to double a driving schools income with our strategies – we would like to share these with you and who knows, one day we might.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Blog.

Driving Instructors in Worksop

So, what have I been up to lately? Very good question. I’ve only been travelling around the midlands and Nottinghamshire areas of the UK and yes, you guessed it. I’ve been reviewing driving schools in these areas. One of the main driving instructors in Worksop I’ve been interviewing is Worksop Driving School. The other instructor I’ve been interviewing is one of the best driving instructors in Leicester and this is Hexagram Driving School in Leicester. You may have heard about Hexagram Driving School in one of my other Blogs. This time, I went back there after visiting him some months ago. I went back just to see how things have been going for him and his driving school in Leicester.

Anyway, let’s talk about Worksop Driving School. This is a brand new driving school that’s been set up by the very reputable driving school business development team, Get Your Own Driving School who are specialists in getting driving instructors set up with an independent business and breaking away from their franchises with the national schools.

The owner operator of Worksop Driving School is a chap called Andrew Buckler. Andrew was previously with one of the national driving schools called LDC. However, he was starting to get disillusioned by the industry and he thought that the market was drying up. It wasn’t up until he heard about Get Your Own Driving School that he decided to break away from his franchise and go independent. This was the perfect meeting for him.

Both Andrew and Get Your Own Driving School had a few chats over the telephone and online using messenger and before he knew it, GYODS had come up with the whole business concept and branding for him. Andrew was so keen to get his own independent business, so much so in that he gave his 4 weeks notice to LDC and then started looking towards the future as a business owner.

At the time of our meeting with Andrew, he was only 4 weeks into his new independent business but he told me that this is a move he should have done much sooner. He realised that the market hadn’t dried up and that there is plenty of work out there. You’ve just got to know how to reach your customers quickly.

He complimented Get Your Own Driving School and couldn’t sing their praises enough. He said without their skills and knowledge about the Driving Schools industry, he probably wouldn’t be as successful as he is now. Alex also went on to say that he is actually turning customers away and that he’s actually thinking about employing another driving instructor and forming a franchise.

He’s told us to get in touch with him if 6 months time and he can give us an update on this.

Well Andrew, we whish you every success and we will certainly catch up with you in 6 months time. God luck with your new business.

Driving Schools in Bangor

Automatic Driving Schools in Bangor – We recently visited Bangor in North Wales on holiday a few days ago and we were sat in this café and I saw a driving school pull in. I looked closely at the car and noticed it was a Hybrid driving school car. Now, there’s nothing new about hybrid cars these days and they’re getting more popular by the day.

But what was unusual was that we never would have thought that out of all the driving schools in Bangor that we would of bumped in to a driving instructor with a hybrid, especially in Bangor because Bangor is not the most densely populated town with driving instructors.

Anyway, I watched as the driving instructor came into the café and he sat at the table opposite us. The waitress came over and took his order. I said to the wife that I’m just going over to say “Hi” and I’ll be back shortly. I approached the guy and introduced myself and asked him if I could sit with him and talk about his car. He said “sure”.

I introduced myself and he told me his name was Alan and his driving school name was Evolved Automatic Driving School from Bangor https://www.evolvedautomaticdrivingschool.co.uk/driving-instructors-bangor.html

I asked him what was the benefits of having a hybrid car as a driving school car? He replied saying that firstly the costs of running a hybrid was much cheaper, especially on fuel. This led me into asking him if he thought that the power and fuel used to recharge the battery was equal to that of running on a normal petrol engine. He told me that these costs would be slightly higher and when he switches to hybrid mode the length and distance far out weighs that if he was using a non-hybrid car.

Anyway, cutting a long conversation short – I realised that Alan from Evolved Automatic Driving School was actually a good businessman and had obviously invested in a car that was saving him money. I wonder if the hybrid car will be the norm for driving schools soon offering driving lessons in Bangor – I guess we’ll have to wait and see.