Driving Schools in Bangor

Automatic Driving Schools in Bangor – We recently visited Bangor in North Wales on holiday a few days ago and we were sat in this café and I saw a driving school pull in. I looked closely at the car and noticed it was a Hybrid driving school car. Now, there’s nothing new about hybrid cars these days and they’re getting more popular by the day.

But what was unusual was that we never would have thought that out of all the driving schools in Bangor that we would of bumped in to a driving instructor with a hybrid, especially in Bangor because Bangor is not the most densely populated town with driving instructors.

Anyway, I watched as the driving instructor came into the café and he sat at the table opposite us. The waitress came over and took his order. I said to the wife that I’m just going over to say “Hi” and I’ll be back shortly. I approached the guy and introduced myself and asked him if I could sit with him and talk about his car. He said “sure”.

I introduced myself and he told me his name was Alan and his driving school name was Evolved Automatic Driving School from Bangor https://www.evolvedautomaticdrivingschool.co.uk/driving-instructors-bangor.html

I asked him what was the benefits of having a hybrid car as a driving school car? He replied saying that firstly the costs of running a hybrid was much cheaper, especially on fuel. This led me into asking him if he thought that the power and fuel used to recharge the battery was equal to that of running on a normal petrol engine. He told me that these costs would be slightly higher and when he switches to hybrid mode the length and distance far out weighs that if he was using a non-hybrid car.

Anyway, cutting a long conversation short – I realised that Alan from Evolved Automatic Driving School was actually a good businessman and had obviously invested in a car that was saving him money. I wonder if the hybrid car will be the norm for driving schools soon offering driving lessons in Bangor – I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Just saying “Hello”

Hi there, hanks for stopping by on my Blog. When you first start reading my pages you may feel slightly confused. In the first few sentences on my home page I start to talk about trainers, trainers as in footwear such as Nike.

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When you read lines with the words coaching in, I am referring to coaching for driver training and development. I use a couple of real-world scenarios and case studies from real customers and clients such as Get Your Own Driving School and talk to driving instructors such as Shaun from Shaun’s Driving School from Andover, Hampshire.

One of my first Blogs will be about how a driving school gets established, here I’ll be blogging about Alex from Hexagram Driving School in Leicester. Make sure that you catch my Blog that’s coming in December. I’ve got a special article about Amanda who provides driving lessons in Rochester with her highly recommended driving school DCJ Driver Training, renowned as one of the best driving instructors in Rochester https://www.dcjdrivertraining.co.uk

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